Motions to Enforce Parenting Time

When one parent wrongfully withholds parenting time from the other parent, Oregon courts have the authority to:

  • Change the parenting plan;
  • Award makeup parenting time;
  • Fine the noncompliant parent;
  • Order one or both parents to attend counselling;
  • Order the noncompliant parent to pay the other parent’s attorney fees;
  • Modify spousal support;
  • Modify child support; AND
  • Order other remedies the court finds appropriate

In the wake of weeks-long school closures due to COVID-19, some parents are saying the entire extended closure counts as Spring Break and threatening to keep their children from their co-parent for the entire time. Other parents are deciding to keep their children away from their co-parent and justifying it as a health and safety concern, even when there is no risk of exposure. Several judges have indicated these interpretations of the law are not correct and finding that some parents asserting these things are wrongfully withholding parenting time.

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