Immediate Danger Motions and Hearings

A crisis can be especially difficult for people with mental health issues. They may not be able to take care of themselves let alone their children. This can create dangerous situations for children during parenting time.

Whether they have mental health issues or not, some people engage in reckless or dangerous behavior during times of crisis. This may include abusing drugs and alcohol, misusing weapons, and other dangerous activities. These behaviors are unsafe not only for the person but for their children, if happening during parenting time.

Fortunately, Oregon courts have the authority to modify or suspend custody and parenting time if they believe a child is in Immediate Danger with one parent.

The law does not define “immediate danger.” Different judges have different interpretations of what Immediate Danger is. Also, there are different pleadings and procedures if your Immediate Danger motion is filed after your divorce or while your divorce is pending. These factors can make getting an Immediate Danger order very tricky.

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